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Wire rod

·                    Wire rod for wire drawing.

·                    Wire rod for packing, strapping and other uses.

·                    Wire rod for manufacture of thin wire.

·                    Wire rod for telegraph lines.

·                    Wire rod for manufacture of steel ropes.

Round bars

·                    Round rolled product without surface treatment, for cold cutting and hot rolling.

·                    Round rolled product for cold drawing.

·                    Low-alloyed high strength round rolled product for welded structures.

Square bars

·                    Square rolled product without surface treatment for cold cutting.

·                    Square rolled product for hot rolling.

Hexagonal bars

·                    For manufacture of fastenings.

·                    For cutting.

Deformed bars

·                    Deformed bars for reinforcement of ferroconcrete structures.


·                    Steel strips without surface finishing for cold cutting and hot working.

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